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Eu sunt Mirela Marin - gazda si indrumatorul Living Leadership si impreuna vom face o echipa de elita, cu obiective clare, planuri masurabile si reusite atinse la nivel de excelenta.

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Cum te pot ajuta

Living Leadership este despre Lideri in miscare, dinamici, cu viziune, care isi asuma greselile dar si succesul.

Programe de mentorat

Living Leadership este pentru toti oamenii care vor sa se cunoasca, sa se dezvolte, sa experimenteze succesul, multumirea, sanatatea, bucuria …dar si fericirea.

Modele de business

Un Model de business performant isi masoara performanta, isi calibreaza resursele si imbunatateste permanent rezultatele.

Lean management

Asistenta si oferta consultanta de strategie de calitate, previzionare financiara, masurare financiara si prin indicatori, implementare de tehnologie de systeme si calitate (ERP, tools de calitate si CRM).

Despre Living leadership

Va invit sa intram in lumea Living Leadership, sa construim impreuna leaderi, organizatii si companii bazate pe un Leadership real, transformator, strategic, vizionar… dar mai ales dinamic, curajos si ancorat in realitatea zilnica de business, sociala si umana. Orice OM poate fi Leader-ul sau , isi poate controla viata si business-ul! Orice OM poate fi acel Lider care sa creeze, sa transforme si sa nasca noi valori umane si de business pentru VIITOR! Haideti sa aducem acest VIITOR……..ACUM….impreuna cu Living leadership! Living leader, Mirela Marin.

Living Leadership ofera programe de mentorat, cu obiective clare, masurabile si rezultate concrete pentru : antreprenori, persoane fizice care investesc in dezvoltarea lor personala, companii care au ca obiectiv o Organizatie eficienta, bazata pe oameni motivati, multumiti, fericiti …..si productivi.

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  • Dezvoltarea si implementarea unui Model de Business bazat pe cultura si KPIs de calitate (Model de guvernanta si KPIs/metrics aferenti).
  • Dezvolt si implementez programe si proiecte de eficientizare de procese, activitati si de obtinere de economii de costuri prin 6 sigma, lean management, engineering, reorganizari si restructurari de business si organizationale.
  • Dezvolt si implementez cultura de calitate, prin procese de training, certificari, sesiuni de lucru si mentorate in 6 sigma, lean management si engineering.
  • Dezvolt si implementez in companii, modele de masurare si prezentare a performantei de business, de process, de activitati : Visual Performance Management
  • Asistenta si oferta consultanta de strategie de calitate, previzionare financiara, masurare financiara si prin indicatori, implementare de tehnologie de systeme si calitate ( ERP, tools de calitate si CRM )


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Business transformer

Business Strategy

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Business Transformation

Learn Easy How To Learn Easy

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Six sigma

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Successful Stories

Irina Mitrea

Mirela is a very good builder, business or department or team related. She is a strategist while looking into all details if needed. She is full of energy and a real driver. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Carmen Mitrea

I really appreciate Mirela for her business acumen that allows her to support with versatility, both FMCG and telecom companies, at global HQ or local office, in the area of Finance and Accounting which is so demanding nowadays. Moreover, she knows how to build relationship with people from all functions of an organization - fact that facilitates successful completion of cross-functional projects. This is why I am ready and looking forward to provide further reference on Mirela's competencies if requested.

Adrian Popescu

While working under Mirela's lead I have admired her precise eye for people profiles and a great balance of push & support for achieving challenging objectives of the team. I have highly appreciated her exquisite CRM skills and the strategic view on business requirements. I would always be happy to work in Mirela's team and I am thankful for her coaching in my career development.

Veronica Stan

Mirela is my mentor and personal friend. I did projects for Mirela as a transitions manager in Genpact. These were some of the memorable moments of my professional life. Her ability to understand a complex situation and come back with a clear and radical decision was outstanding. Mirela’s quick grasp of the details, end to end approach and articulation to get the buy-in combined with her people orientation is a big asset for any organization. I also learnt the art of managing the customers from Mirela. She could manage clients, both internal and external, with utmost satisfaction by sending the right message and continuously delivering on promises. Last but not least, Mirela is a fantastic people's manager. I have never seen such determination to develop all her team members, to give them a clear career vision and professional advice. She supports and stands by her teams all the times. Overall, working with Mirela, was a terrific personal and professional learning experience

Radut Gabriel Adrian

I’ve worked with Mirela during Analysis phase of EVO project (SAP implementation for Finance, SCM and HR). Her energy to drive things forward in very hard moments when working with high pressure helped us to achieve our objectives. She’s very oriented to the people feelings but remain focused on business and this well balanced authority made the project phase a success. Was very important to see how she motivates people in her team, when we set up strict deadlines and high standards for deliverables. Taking into account her contribution, I strongly recommend Mirela To Whom It May Concern.

Tudor Bosinceanu

I worked with Mirela in an operation where she was striving to structure a whole finance function within a year and actually did it quite successful. While focused to achieve goals efficient way, she remained loyal and supportive to the team. An enjoyable team player, trustful and business oriented, a pleasure to work with.

Magdalena Irina Vrajitoru

Mirela is for me an excellent leader model; very dedicated to her team, always supportive and open to new ideas, wiling to share experience and best practices.u.

Billy Ware

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